House Party

Hustla's Ambition

A unique entertainment show set in a flashy house party. CRYbaby led this programme from concept to production. CRYbaby directed and produed this 1-hour show for a Sky youth channel.

 A one-hour talking heads programme where celebrities such as T.I and Busta Rhymes give tips for young rappers on how to make it in Hip-Hop. Directed and Produced by CRYbaby Media for Sky youth channel.

Just Bling 

Sexual Chocolate Does Marsha

A pitch video for a new internet based parody of the television industry. A co-production in  partnership with Canadian company, Sunstar Productions. Currently seeking match funding.

A 4-part series starring Dwayne Nosworthy aka "Sexual Chocolate" who interviews celebrities in his own unique way. 

A collection of promo edits ranging from celebrity to documentary for a Sky youth channel.

Promo Director Reel

CRYbaby Media produced Oxide and Neutrino's smash-hit muisc video, "Marimba" alongside Director Luke Biggins for record label Trapp Music Group.

Oxide & Neutrino

John Legend

Judah & Secret Music Video

In partnership with Ifactory Films, CRYbaby Media produced a celebrity interview with John Legend at the BBC.

Directed by Shabazz L Graham, CRYbaby produced this music video from location finding to casting on the streets of Camden.